Legendary composer Matt Uelmen has worked in games for over two decades, highlighting adventure and building mystery with his scores. To players who love the Diablo and Torchlight series, his six-string guitar is a melodious and familiar signature. For Torchlight II, Matt recorded the score with a live symphony befitting our heroic RPG fantasy world.

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Matt’s studio is at his home in Southern California. We flew down to interview him about his work on Hob, and how it’s different than what he’s done before. What he calls the “toys of Hob,” his secret weapons of the Hob score, are the pedal steel, fretless bass, and moog guitar. The goal, he says, is to combine those instruments into a “a futuristic and rubbery, yet still pretty, lead instrument.” Matt reveals more about his process in our latest dev diary.

As a special feature for this post, Matt has approved an exclusive track from the upcoming Hob soundtrack for free download.

Saturnesse (preview)

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Matt frequently attends shows to see the latest games and chat with fans – you may have seen him working the PAX West booth last year! We invite you to ask him about his process, the instruments he prefers, and other soundtrack related questions on our forums. Be sure to tell him if you loved the exclusive track!


Posted on December 16, 2016

PAX West Last Call

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Season's greetings – this year has been a blast! We’ve been going nonstop on Hob and have crossed land and sea to share it with fans at shows in Boston at PAX East, in Cologne for Gamescom, and back home in Seattle at PAX West. Thanks to all our fans in every corner of the world! Your feedback and support have been incredible.

We know many of you couldn’t make it to those shows to see Hob and we wanted to do something to recreate that experience for you. Earlier this month we released our Forest walkthrough featuring Marsh Lefler (President/Lead Programmer) and Patrick Blank (Game Director/Lead Level Designer).

But we didn’t want to just stop there, so last week we livestreamed our Electric dungeon on Twitch and answered questions you asked on our forums and through the chat channel. Check out the recap video:

Earlier this year, we started a series of dev diaries about Hob. We’ve got more in store for next year, but also want to hear about what you’re interested in. Head over to our official forums and join the conversation!

As the end of 2016 draws near, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your enthusiasm for Hob. Your support keeps us energized throughout development and we’re looking forward to sharing more in 2017.

In the spirit of the season, we’ll be rediscovering the joys of eggnog – and we urge you to do the same. Happy Festivus and enjoy the light show! ;-)


Posted on August 29, 2016

Booth under construction

Hooray! It's our favorite time of the year again: PAX West is upon us and we will be there showing off Hob. We've got some details to share with you, so let's get right into it.

Our booth (#133) – seen in the above photo under construction – will be located in the Expo Hall on Level 4 right across the skybridge, towards the back of the room. We're sharing with the good folks from Perfect World and Motiga, who will be showing Gigantic!

Booth map paxwest2016

You'll be able to play all new areas from Hob: part of our Forest area and an Electric dungeon. We'll also have a photographer onsite to take your photo with our sprites before you play. Photos will be posted to the Hob website for you to download and share.

Take a photo with us

Once again, we're super excited to have a brand new Pinny Arcade pin available for sale ($15). In fact, we've got three pins we're selling this year: The new Construct pin, along with our Sprite and Hero Pins from Prime 2015 and East 2016. You'll be able to buy all three at a discount for $40.

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Like Scavenger Hunts? So do we! Back by popular demand, we’re running A Spritely Scavenger Hunt: Part Deux this year. Stop by our booth for a clue sheet and details on how to win the new Construct pin!

But wait, there's more!

What else? We are holding a raffle at 4pm each day. Play the game to get a ticket. We also have some other fun ways to get tickets, but you’ll have to visit us to find out! Finally, we have some neat Hob bags, t-shirts and temporary tattoos that we’ll be giving out to people who play the game. So stop by, check out Hob and say hi!

We can't wait for the show to start. See you there!