Posted on August 28, 2017

Hob Glove Abilities

No PAX badge? No problem, you can still play Hob! We are hosting a little get-together at Raygun Lounge on Capitol Hill, a short walk (albeit uphill) from the convention center. Print out this flier or show it on your phone to get a free drink of your choice, while supplies last! If you are one of the lucky ones with a PAX badge, you might even score an additional drink ticket or two by playing Hob at the Sony booth on Friday. We will be staffing the two kiosks there ourselves, so please come say hi and give us a high five!

Raygun twitter graphic

Hob will be playable on four PS4's at Raygun. Drop in between 5 and 9pm to check out the game and get yourself some swag, including our extremely limited official-and-yet-unofficial (because we aren't selling them at the show) Fallen Soldier Pinny Arcade pins! These are brand new–in fact, we're picking them up the day before PAX opens. Ahhh, there's nothing like that new pin scent.

Fallen soldier pin

We'll also have limited edition Hob posters and a speed run contest. Come test your controller skills!

So tell your friends, tell your neighbors, and hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. Hope to see you there!

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Posted on August 24, 2017

This week on our social accounts (follow us if you don't already, we're very needy / / ) we've been hinting at the glove upgrade system in Hob. The Glove Upgrade System, or GUS, is an important part of your adventure in Hob. You need to upgrade your giant mech-arm in order to gain more abilities. These glove abilities–punch, warp, and mag/grapple–not only enable you to explore the world effectively, they're also pretty handy in a fight! So we wanted the upgrade process itself to be more exiting than just "BLING Upgrade complete!"

Today we go in-depth and invite you behind the scenes of our process, from start to finish. We're kicking it off with a short video slideshow on how GUS came to be.

The upgrade process is a chance to show that this world has wonders on the micro scale as well as the macro scale. Now of course you're asking, How does that look in game? Voila!

So now we know how it upgrades. But how does it play? What cool things can you do with your glove abilities? When you're playing Hob, there will be areas you can't explore until you get the right upgrade. President/Lead Engineer Marsh Lefler and Lead Level Designer/Game Director Patrick Blank show you how the glove abilities work for adventuring and taking down monsters in this brand new dev diary.

Who doesn't love multi-purpose tools? The glove abilities in Hob are your Swiss Army knife of adventure. They are your key to unlocking the entire world of Hob. See more of the glove abilities in action here.

As always, thank you for joining us here on the blog to learn more about Hob! We're getting soooooo close to release (a little over a month to go!) and we really appreciate you following our development journey–an adventure in itself!

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Posted on August 17, 2017

Hey, everybody! We're excited to announce the winners of our trophy/achievement-naming contest. We had thousands of entries from folks all over; so much that it took a lot of time to review everything! There were so many super creative ideas – it was great. Thank you all so much! So without further ado, I present our winners:

Trophy animal instinct


Receives: trophy/achievement name to be used in Hob, a credit in the game, a free copy of Hob, a Hero Pinny Arcade Pin, all three posters in the "Make It Home" series, and a Hob Baseball Cap

  • Animal Instinct - by Elaeus via Steam Community. (#17)


Receives: a free copy of Hob, all three posters in the "Make It Home" series, a Hero Pinny Arcade Pin, and a Hob Baseball Cap

  • Duck, deer! - by XaivierX via Steam Community. (#17)


Receives: one of the three "Make It Home" posters, a Hob Baseball Cap, and a Hero Patch

Note: This prize was previously awarded in error.


Receives: one of the three "Make It Home" posters, and a Hero Patch

  • Switch Hitter - by Phanjam via Discord. (#06)

So many amazing entries made it diffucult to pick winners, so we want to highlight a short list of our favorites:


Receives: Hero Patch

  • Ephemeralization - by Xavirex via Discord, (Elohim)972 via Steam Community, and Poats via Steam Community. (#25)
  • Friend Request - by increaseblue2 via Instagram. (#17)
  • Hello, world! - by Loboranto via Discord. (#06)
  • Found the Torch. Have a Light. - by Mardukkas via Steam Community. (#06)
  • Static Shock - by Master Duelist via Steam Community. (#06)
  • One Slash - by Master Duelist via Steam Community. (#02)
  • Wait, there are upgrades? - by TheSerb88 via Discord. (#25)
  • Make peace, not war. - by @workhousetango via Twitter. (#17)
  • I did it… my way. - by Loot-aholic via Steam Community. (#25)
  • Qualified cat herder. - by Ryan Wooton via Facebook. (#14)

Congrats to our winners and thanks again to everyone who submitted a suggestion. Hob will be coming out on September 26th. Pre-orer on PS4, Steam and GOG today!! :)