Hi Everyone,

Let’s get straight to the big news:

Hob launches September 26!

There. We said it. This is a yuuge milestone and we know you’ve been waiting patiently for a release date. Want more? Good, because we've got more! Let's start with the new trailer:

Test Your Knowledge

We’ve released four behind-the-scenes dev diaries of Hob and several gameplay videos and trailers, so you might feel like you know quite a bit about Hob, but there's always more to discover. Let’s test your knowledge! We rounded up six facts about Hob we bet you didn’t know. We hope you can prove us wrong! If you learn something new, tell us on discord or social media! And don’t worry, we know that discovery is part of the joy of Hob. We are keeping back plenty of surprises for when you play it for yourself.

Hob Pre-order Incentives

Whether you play Hob on PC or PS4, we have a bonus for you when you pre-order now: 10% off the price of $19.99! We're also launching the Runic Games Collection on Steam and GOG today. Take advantage between now and September 26th to get Hob, Torchlight, and Torchlight II at a heavily discounted price of $24.99.

If you're a PlayStation owner, you get a pre-order discount of 10% for regular users, 20% for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and every pre-order comes with our dynamic World Shift theme! Take a look at this GIF to see how the opening animation will transform your console:

Thanks to Truant Pixel for the design. See the full theme, including music from Matt Uelmen, here!

Calling All Achievement and Trophy Hunters!

What’s better than collecting achievements and trophies? Naming them! That’s right, you have the chance to name one of the achievements/trophies in Hob. If we pick your idea, we will even put your name in the credits! This is must-have bragging right for any serious achievement/trophy collector. We also have tons of other prizes, including a free copy of the game and exclusive Hob swag.

Instruction graphic

You can enter the contest across four different social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. It runs from now until Friday night. We will announce winners a week from today on Tuesday on the blog. You must reside within the US to win one of the physical prizes. However, we are accepting trophy name suggestions worldwide, and you can still win a digital prize as detailed below. Here's how to enter:

  • Gaze upon the mysterious iconography of our trophies/achievements below and let your mind wander...
  • Think up some fun names, then click on one of the social links beneath an image and share it with us!
  • On Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Steam, be sure to include the hashtag (e.g. #HobTrophy02) so we know which one you're naming.
  • For Instagram, follow the link to our post and leave your suggestions in the comments.
  • For Discord, join our official Discord server at https://discord.gg/runicgames and head over to the #contests channel. Leave a comment there and be sure to include the number for the trophy you'd like to name.
  • Enter as often as you like. Out of ideas? Just like or share from your own account and we'll give you an extra chance to win a prize!

The contest runs from now until Friday night, and we will announce winners early next week. Everyone has a chance to name one of our trophies, get their name in the credits and win a free digital copy of Hob, but please note that you must reside within the US in order to be eligible to win a physical prize. Happy naming!

We can’t wait for you play Hob on September 26. Start your countdown clock . . . Fifty-six days to go!

With love,

The Runic Team