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Posted on August 11, 2016

Guess What?

Greetings, Hobsters! Some big news:

We'll be showing off all new content from Hob at gamescom in Cologne, Germany next week. We'll have more updates for you later this month – so until then, here's a new teaser trailer to whet your appetite.

PAX West

Also, we'll be at PAX West (the show formerly known as Prime) in Seattle from Sept. 2-5 where you'll be able to play our latest demo. So stop by the booth and say hi!

If you're attending PAX Dev be sure to check out the Leadership in Lipstick panel on August 31st at 1:15pm featuring Wonder Russell, PR @ Runic Games; Kristina Ness, Senior Concept Artist @ Runic Games; Emma Ziegler, Producer @ Big Fish Games; Elie Lehman, Producer @ Riot Games; and Renee Gittins, Creative Director @ Stumbling Cat.

New Wallpaper!

The incredibly talented Justin Oaksford just finished up this amazing illustration for us. Check it out below and make sure to visit his site!

Wishlist Hob

Finally, we officially launched our Steam page for Hob. Take a visit to check out some new screenshots, and add it to your wishlist.

Visit Hob on Steam

As always, thanks for reading!

Torchlight II
Posted on June 23, 2016

Hob: E3 Update

Torchlight II is full of secrets, and you may have missed some awesome moments. We jam-packed the levels with tributes to some of our favorite films and games. Think you know all the secrets of Torchlight II? See if you’ve discovered these favorites!

Tl2 crow012

We’ll give you a hint if you want to find it on your own… or click spoiler if you want to get right to it. ;)

Hint: Clearing this dungeon will be a notch on your belt

Where to find it: Act III, Sundered Battlefield



Where to find it: Act III, The Scrapworks


Hint: Defeat the greatest pirate of all time, last seen in Astoria.

Where to find it: Act I, Temple Steppes, near the river


Hint: Buffalo Bill says don’t forget to moisturize!

Where to find it: Act I, Slaver’s Camp near the Frosted Hills


Hint: This Norwegian Camp hosts a thing that’s out of this world.

Where to find it: Act I, Frosted Hills. This rare dungeon has a 20% chance of spawning.


Besides these dungeons and quests, there are many secret rooms you probably ran past without noticing, a shrine to one of our favorite fantasy RPGs, and tons of collectible items ranging from Plumb-bob’s T-shaped pants to a wibbly-wobbly Pocketwatch of the Tennant.

Want more? This is a great list for you treasure-hunter junkies! Be sure to read the comments (probably the only time we’ll advocate such a thing).

Tl2 salt023

All the levels in Torchlight II are randomized, so some dungeons are more likely to spawn than others. Good things come to those who loot! Grab a friend and explore all that Torchlight II has to offer during Steam’s Summer Sale.

Have a favorite? Hit us up @Runicgames on Twitter with your best find!

Happy exploring!

Posted on June 14, 2016

In celebration of E3, we are unveiling new screenshots and new videos! Though we aren’t physically there showing Hob, this update features brand new zones and gameplay footage that we are really excited to share with you.

Here, the player steps into a previously unrevealed area, the Forests of Hob.

Hob frst 2 onplaystatione3

There is more than meets the eye to the Forest. You just might run into yourself – or is it someone else?

Hob frst 1 onplaystatione3

Game Director Patrick Blank shares more information on this enigma.

Q: What makes the Forest zone unique?

PB: The Forest area is very dense with large trees and foliage covered ruins underneath a lush canopy. It provides new ways to navigate and explore thanks to many of the larger tree branches acting as platforms that populate the area lending to a lot of verticality. There is also a riverbed that runs throughout the Forest acting as a main path. Initially this riverbed is empty, but once filled it provides a flowing river that the player can jump into and ride to a new area of the Forest that is otherwise inaccessible!

Q: It seems like we are looking at ourselves in the second screenshot. Is that true?

PB: It certainly appears that we are looking at something similar to ourselves in that screenshot. Perhaps it’s a reminder of the past, or a warning of the future…

Q: I see a sword. Can I use it?

PB: The player acquires sword fragments through exploring the world. These shards can be used to forge their first sword early on in the game that they will use to fight creatures and solve puzzles.

Q: When can I play in Forest?

PB: Hopefully soon! We are putting together plans for showing at PAX West this year. Maybe you'll get a chance to play in Forest, or a new area that we haven’t talked about yet! You could say the new area is pretty electrifying…

Concept art for Wind zone.

Hob onplaystatione3 concept art

One thing we’ve been pleasantly surprised about as we've been showing Hob is how much people love our grass. Sure, there might be puzzles to solve and abilities to unlock, but that grass! It just needs to be mown with a sword!

In this dev diary, Senior Programmer Ole Ciliox puts his finger on exactly why it’s so alluring for us all.

At PAX East this year, everyone who played Hob could enter our contest for a chance to win a brand new PS4! In this video, we demonstrate our very scientific method to determine the winners.

Please note: Legally, we cannot recommend you try this at home, so we won’t. But we also won’t be upset if you do. ;-)

Congratulations to the winners! Prizes have been mailed out and you’ll be receiving those soon.

If you didn’t get a chance to play in Boston, we will be showing Hob back in our hometown of Seattle this Fall during PAX West. We hope to see you there!

Until then, thank you for following our development journey and for all your support and encouragement! Hob is coming along beautifully and we can’t wait to show you more.