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Posted on June 24, 2009

I don’t know how we fooled the folks at, but they gave us Best PC RPG of E3 2009, baby, yeah!!

Amazing! A big thanks to John and the whole team over there for knocking our socks off! You guys are so great, and this is super exciting for us! Shazzam! (That was accompanied by a spontaneous dance move, btw.)

Posted on June 18, 2009

E3 Wrap-Up

Zombie Pyrotechnician John Dunbar put together a level-building video of Torchlight’s lava level. In high speed, a level snaps together before your eyes, giving you a chance to not only see behind-the-scenes of the developers’ work, but also give modders a peek at what they’ll be able to do with the tools Torchlight is shipping. That’s right, the tools we use here in the office are the tools we’ll be shipping with the game, to every player.

We’re so happy to have this video exclusively hosted by Play Magazine online, in conjunction with a stellar article by Mike Griffin and all-new screenshots. Please check them out and leave love! Many thanks to the team.

Posted on June 10, 2009

Wow what an E3! We had an incredible time. Highlights included interviews with PC Gamer, Play Magazine, Gamebunny, RPGFan, Ten Ton Hammer, MMORPG, Curse, and more.

Another highlight was Guildie and Dr Horrible Star Felicia Day stopping by the booth specifically to play Torchlight. She even waited in line, then twittered about how excited she was for the game to come out. Always a pleasure to have geek royalty give you a thumbs up. Thanks, Felicia! Now how do you feel about doing some VO work for us?