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Torchlight II
Posted on July 12, 2012

We're starting the week early with a little announcement: We'll be at PAX Prime and we can't wait to see you there! PAX Prime is literally three blocks from our offices and it would be rather silly if we didn't go, so stop by our booth and play some Torchlight II!

This year, we've got a little twist to the usual "stop by for some swag!" We're also launching our first ever Torchlight-themed Cosplay Contest.

That's right. Torchlight Cosplay. Two words destined to be together, just like Bonnie and Clyde or peas and carrots.

So, what do you win? Other than the honor of looking badass I mean? We will crown the victor by immortalizing them in Torchlight II; we will add an armor set, named after you!

Before you break out your needle and thread/glue-gun/bedazzler, some quick ground rules:

  • Multiple entries are fine. PAX Prime is 3 days long after all! Only one costume can win, though.
  • To officially enter, you must present yourself, in costume, at our PAX booth during any three days. We'll snap a few pictures - that's your entry. We will be sharing these photos on our Twitter feed for everyone else to see!
  • You can choose any character from either Torchlight game.
  • No costumes that violate PAX rules. I.E., you have to be wearing clothes and no sharp swords.

Winners will be chosen internally by ferocious Runic Games employee debates and announced shortly after PAX!

More information on our PAX presence coming on Thursday! For now… to your sewing machines!

Torchlight II
Posted on July 12, 2012

We know you're dying to enter our Torchlight Cosplay contest. We know you've sketched out your dream costume and still have two fingers hot-glued together from creating your Alchemist prototype armor.

There's just one problem: You don't have a badge for PAX Prime.


Announcing our second PAX Prime contest, for rare-as-dragon's-teeth 3-Day PAX Badges on Twitter!

Here is how to win one of 20 PAX Prime 2012 badges:

  • Login to twitter and tweet how excited you are to play Torchlight II at PAX!
  • Use the hashtag #TL2PAX so we can track your entry. Your twitter account must also be following @RunicGames so we can contact you if you are chosen.
  • You can enter as often as you like - we encourage you to be creative! We're going to use a decidedly non-scientific awesome-meter process for selection.
  • Deadline is Friday, July 13th at 5pm (PDT)! Winners announced on Tuesday, July 17th.

Additional rules:

You can enter multiple times, but we're limiting winners to one badge per person regardless of entries. That means if your name is drawn more than once, we still award you one badge, and we'll draw again. Entering more often boosts your chances, but we want to ensure that 20 different people get the chance to go to PAX.


This is good for one of the sold-out 3-day PAX badges, and not for airfare or hotel. You must be able to be in Seattle to both collect and use the badge. Please keep entries for those who can actually make it to PAX. Winners will be announced on July 17th and will be contacted individually to collect their badges in person the week before PAX begins.

Be sure to catch our PAX panel!

"Business Models of PC Games: Then, Now, and Looking to the Future."

How do the lessons of the past affect our strategy for the future? Are audiences growing tired of the subscription model? What will the role of DRM be as more games are sold primarily online? The development and future of PC Gaming is examined by the creators of Diablo, Guild Wars, and Torchlight. Confirmed speakers include Max Schaefer [CEO, Runic Games], Patrick Wyatt [Founder, ArenaNet], and Stephen Goldstein [Interactive Entertainment and Video Games Practice Group Chair, Stubbs, Alderton, and Markiles] Saturday, September 1st, 4:30pm in the Serpent Theatre.

See you there!

Posted on July 5, 2012

Hope you all had a safe and fun Fourth of July! This week's update features a fun Torchlight contest.

You want a sale? We've got a sale! You want Torchlight for 60% off? You can make it happen! Announcing the Summer sale that's up to you - the Battle of the Games!

Torchlight is now offered on Good Old Games, and you can help set the sale price by voting. We're facing off against Chronicles of Riddick and need your votes. The winner launches at 60% off, the loser at just 40% off. For the next 17 hours or so, your vote sets the sale price. Let's get Torchlight in the lead!

Have a happy weekend!