We're starting the week early with a little announcement: We'll be at PAX Prime and we can't wait to see you there! PAX Prime is literally three blocks from our offices and it would be rather silly if we didn't go, so stop by our booth and play some Torchlight II!

This year, we've got a little twist to the usual "stop by for some swag!" We're also launching our first ever Torchlight-themed Cosplay Contest.

That's right. Torchlight Cosplay. Two words destined to be together, just like Bonnie and Clyde or peas and carrots.

So, what do you win? Other than the honor of looking badass I mean? We will crown the victor by immortalizing them in Torchlight II; we will add an armor set, named after you!

Before you break out your needle and thread/glue-gun/bedazzler, some quick ground rules:

  • Multiple entries are fine. PAX Prime is 3 days long after all! Only one costume can win, though.
  • To officially enter, you must present yourself, in costume, at our PAX booth during any three days. We'll snap a few pictures - that's your entry. We will be sharing these photos on our Twitter feed for everyone else to see!
  • You can choose any character from either Torchlight game.
  • No costumes that violate PAX rules. I.E., you have to be wearing clothes and no sharp swords.

Winners will be chosen internally by ferocious Runic Games employee debates and announced shortly after PAX!

More information on our PAX presence coming on Thursday! For now… to your sewing machines!