Congratulations to our winners! You guys are entertaining, pulchritudinous, amusing, and BIG WINNERS. Here are some of the favorite tweets that caught our eye:

@Hawkn93 with a slew of tweets that amused, including a riff that's frequently spouted in the office:

@Nechronox from Canada, who is willing to make the drive (and did so last year!) He won us over with a flurry of enthusiasm:

@rook0x51, the other half of the Canuck Brothers who also put forth a great argument in a winning series of tweets:

@stevenli_notlee who wrote ten haikus. TEN!

@TobyDavis_ already has a Runic tattoo. Now that's a fan.

@Taliabear We never said we were above bribery.

Our most favorite tweet of the whole competition goes to @mmsword for this gem:

And the complete list of winners is:

Winners are being notified, and should make arrangements to pick up their badges in person. Congratulations to you all. See you in Seattle!

You can also search Twitter for #TL2PAX to see all the posts people have made.