Torchlight II is full of secrets, and you may have missed some awesome moments. We jam-packed the levels with tributes to some of our favorite films and games. Think you know all the secrets of Torchlight II? See if you’ve discovered these favorites!

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We’ll give you a hint if you want to find it on your own… or click spoiler if you want to get right to it. ;)

Hint: Clearing this dungeon will be a notch on your belt

Where to find it: Act III, Sundered Battlefield



Where to find it: Act III, The Scrapworks


Hint: Defeat the greatest pirate of all time, last seen in Astoria.

Where to find it: Act I, Temple Steppes, near the river


Hint: Buffalo Bill says don’t forget to moisturize!

Where to find it: Act I, Slaver’s Camp near the Frosted Hills


Hint: This Norwegian Camp hosts a thing that’s out of this world.

Where to find it: Act I, Frosted Hills. This rare dungeon has a 20% chance of spawning.


Besides these dungeons and quests, there are many secret rooms you probably ran past without noticing, a shrine to one of our favorite fantasy RPGs, and tons of collectible items ranging from Plumb-bob’s T-shaped pants to a wibbly-wobbly Pocketwatch of the Tennant.

Want more? This is a great list for you treasure-hunter junkies! Be sure to read the comments (probably the only time we’ll advocate such a thing).

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All the levels in Torchlight II are randomized, so some dungeons are more likely to spawn than others. Good things come to those who loot! Grab a friend and explore all that Torchlight II has to offer during Steam’s Summer Sale.

Have a favorite? Hit us up @Runicgames on Twitter with your best find!

Happy exploring!