Posted on January 5, 2010

Announcing our very special impromptu one-day only $9.95 sale! Whether you’ve played the demo but haven’t bit yet, or love Torchlight and want to gift it to a friend or fellow gamer, this is the last chance to take advantage of a full 50% savings. Call it the “Oh Hey You Missed It? Sale!” Get it while it’s hot – the sale will end tomorrow at 10am PST. We hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and Happy New Year, and thank you for playing Torchlight!


Posted on November 20, 2009

TorchED is here!

Goal: Create a short strip of 3-5 panels that tell a story!

Art: You don’t have to be a great artist – just good at capturing screenshots. Panels should be screenshots of Torchlight that have been run through the ink filter on Photoshop. Here are some examples of what we mean:

No less than 3 screenshots, and no more than 5 please.

Words: This is up to you – tell a story! It can be dramatic, funny, dark, etc.

The Loot: One lucky winner will receive this Torchlight-inspired Penny Arcade comic “The Price of Loyalty”, signed by the Runic Games dev team!

Submissions: Submit a reply to this forum thread on the official forums. No emails, please!

Contest begins: NOW

Contest ends: December 18th

Judges: Runic Games


Posted on November 16, 2009

TorchED, the Torchlight Editor is here! There are lots of ways you can get this free download – here are some of the hosted sites:

File Front (official download):

User/Media hosts:

Big Download: Runic Games Fansite:

Our devs and community have lots of your FAQs answered in our forums regarding modding. Start here:

Mods are hosted at two official sites right now, so you can find that coveted re-specc mod!

Runic Games Fan Site: –they are also running a contest link: now!

Torchlight Insider:

Lastly, please check out our updated Press page for lots of nifty quotes, reviews and interviews, by everyone from local bloggers to Penny Arcade to Kotaku! Catch up on anything you may have missed!

As always, thanks for playing.