Posted on June 21, 2010

We’re facing some tough competition in DIYGamer’s clash of the Indie Titans, in their brilliantly devised brackets! Currently we’re up against a game we all admire, “N,” but that doesn’t change the fact that a coveted rocket-ship trophy is on the line! And rocket ships are to developers what cookies are to Cookie Monster.

We could use your help! Go vote for Torchlight here!

Every little bit makes a difference. We’ve been posting it on our forums but if you haven’t seen it, we need you to make it through the quarter finals.

Thanks for voting, thanks for playing!

Update: Thanks to our valiant community, Torchlight eked out a victory at the 11th hour. Much like Donovan’s game-saving goal seconds before the buzzer, you guys came through and advanced Torchlight through the quarter-finals! Thanks for voting and getting the word out! We’ll update you when the semi-finals go live.


Posted on May 13, 2010

Welcome to the new office, baby! (cue the Guns n Roses)

2010 05 move 01 200x300
2010 05 move 02 200x300

Last Friday, we began the epic migration of 20-some developers and their nerd paraphernalia from one side of the street to another. Yep, we literally moved about half a block, but it took the better part of the weekend to ensure everything made it and would be up and running (mostly) by Monday.

Turning on the coffeemaker Monday morning in our new space was a singularly splendid feeling: home. Le sigh!

2010 05 move 03 300x200
2010 05 move 04 300x200

So why the move, why the past months of picking out carpet patterns and paint chips? Easy answer is we had to move – we were in a sublet and our time was up. The more important answer is that long-term, the space we were in was great for an unknown clutch of 17, but at 25 or so folks here now at Runic, we were literally bursting at the seams and were practically going to have to put desks in the hallway.

2010 05 move 05 200x300
2010 05 move 06 200x300

In our new location, not only do we have the space we need, but we also have a long-term lease, a conference room that will actually fit the art team, a game and media room (try getting away with not having this room at any other developer!) and most stupendously, a dishwasher. Do you hear angels singing? Yes, yes you do.

2010 05 move 07 200x300
2010 05 move 08 300x200

So naturally, we had a bit of a celebration with some microbrews, friends, dogs (not hot ones, furry ones) and a colorful cake. Don’t worry though, we put in a full day first, enabling us to bring Torchlight to Mac Steam at launch. Huzzah!

2010 05 move 09 300x200
2010 05 move 10 300x200

We want to thank YOU for helping us get to where we are! Here are some photos of the new office, taken by our good friend Denise Sakaki (many thanks, Denise, you rock!)

2010 05 move 11 300x200

Posted on May 12, 2010

We made this official on a very special episode of “New office move-in day,” putting the finishing touches on the press release as boxes were still being unpacked.

So, yes! It’s official! We can finally say, it’s here! Torchlight for Mac will first launch on Mac Steam at its inauguration Wednesday, May 12. Upcoming, the Mac version will be available in DRM-free box form as well. Huzzah! And yes, if you already bought Torchlight for PC on Steam, you will not be required to re-buy Torchlight for Mac. Double huzzah!

As a special bonus to everyone who has already purchased Torchlight directly from either Runic Games or Perfect World ( as of about 3 PM PST yesterday ) – your unlock key will now ALSO unlock the game on Steam, granting you access to both the PC and Mac versions there. Any individuals purchasing from either Runic Games or Perfect World between now and next Wednesday, the 19th of May at noon ( PST ) will have their keys activated on Steam as well. ( The process will not be immediate, but on the 19th we will submit those keys to Valve ).

This has been a really interesting process that turned out to be much trickier than we’d first expected, and we can’t thank you enough for your patience. We’ve wanted a Mac version of Torchlight from day 1, so this moment is fantastic. You guys seem to be as excited as we are, which is awesome!

Enjoy hack n slashing,

Runic Games. Now on Mac.