We’re facing some tough competition in DIYGamer’s clash of the Indie Titans, in their brilliantly devised brackets! Currently we’re up against a game we all admire, “N,” but that doesn’t change the fact that a coveted rocket-ship trophy is on the line! And rocket ships are to developers what cookies are to Cookie Monster.

We could use your help! Go vote for Torchlight here!

Every little bit makes a difference. We’ve been posting it on our forums but if you haven’t seen it, we need you to make it through the quarter finals.

Thanks for voting, thanks for playing!

Update: Thanks to our valiant community, Torchlight eked out a victory at the 11th hour. Much like Donovan’s game-saving goal seconds before the buzzer, you guys came through and advanced Torchlight through the quarter-finals! Thanks for voting and getting the word out! We’ll update you when the semi-finals go live.