Nab Torchlight for PC and Mac for just ten bucks – cheaper than a summer burger and brew on the patio! Summer is finally here and it’s time to stock up on briskets for the barbecue and RPG’s for your computer.

Steam’s Summer Sale kicks off today, Thursday June 24, and runs through that zenith of summer celebration, that hallowed day of gunpowder, the 4th of July.

Thanks everyone that participated in the Steam Summer Sale! Unfortunately, the summer sale is now over.

In between flipping burgers on the back porch and icing your co-workers (you know who you are!), there will always be a time you need to rest from from exposure to that great ball of flame in the sky and retreat into dark dungeons for some demon slayin’.

Or declare a fast from games but stock up now for winter – not to rain on your parade, there is a La Nina warning meaning a colder, wetter winter, and Torchlight will save you from cabin fever. Get it here: