Last Monday November 14th, we had play testers in the office from our community and fan sites. It was an honor to have them here and get their direct feedback about the game, which is going a long way to help us improve the whole player experience. All of them wrote about their experiences playing Torchlight 2, and we're happy to be able to share the links with you below. If you're curious about the overview, lass details, Q&A, or what our office looks like, you'll find all that and much more below.

As a special bonus, Matt Uelmen graciously lent three tracks from the Torchlight 2 soundtrack to each site - you can literally collect all three! Follow the links for your exclusive downloads, and a sneak peek into the full score.

In addition, Torchlight 1 is on sale on and Steam, just in time for the holidays!

Runic Games Fan Site provides an office video tour, huge write-ups by three testers Mika, Hawkn, and Jerich, and one of the Matt Uelmen tracks, "the Town Theme." You can get all the links to all their coverage here: There is even more to come with an in-depth write-up from Jerich's hands-on, so be sure to bookmark the page.

Flux at Inc Gamers has put out links to his hands-on experiences, the Diablo Podcast with Travis Baldree, and Matt Uelmen's track, "Steppes." Check back for his interview with Max Schaefer, which he also nabbed in the office.

For our German fans, we have coverage on the Torchlight German Fansite moderated by Telias. Read his impressions (in German), get the third Matt Uelmen track, "Vulture Pass", and links to total coverage in German.

And if you haven't yet, check out our hour long Community Q&A podcast where the dev team answers your questions!

We're thankful for our fans, and hope you enjoy all the new content. Happy Thanksgiving from Runic Games!