So by now we hope you've seen Travis Baldree's announcement, and had a chance to chat about it in the forums. Today, we're glad to give you an in-depth update on what's happening right now in development.

On Monday the 14th, we had five play testers in the office, invited to chat candidly with the whole team and play Torchlight 2. They are Mika, Jerich, Miroslav, Flux, and Hawkn, and we're so glad they made it to Seattle to hang out with us! As of today they'll also be sharing their personal take on the game with you, along with interviews from the whole dev team.

We are kicking things off with a podcast we recorded while they were here. Along with the play-testers asking questions were Travis Baldree, Max Schaefer, Marsh Lefler, Jason Beck (Art Director), Patrick Blank (Lead Level Designer), and Brock Jones (Producer). It's an hour of goodness that goes through many community questions, and wraps up with a check in from the devs about the current state of the game and what folks are working on now.

We also have a special treat for you thanks to Matt Uelmen. Matt sent three new music tracks from the Torchlight 2 soundtrack to each of the three fan sites that came out to play; Runic Games Fan Site,, and If you visit each one, you can read their hands-on impressions of Torchlight 2 and also download the teaser tracks.

Thanks to all our understanding fans and friends who've been so supportive! The game is going to be awesome.