Max, Erich, Adam and Marsh returned from their China adventures with stories galore and pictures too. We rounded up some of the best and most entertaining for you! We’re actually pretty darned impressed with the bravery shown by Adam in trying new food overseas. His derring-do in the face of the exotic and downright strange, well, it approaches masculinity and brings a tear to our eye. All growed up! Kudos to you Adam!

When asked about his overall impressions of China, Adam said: “China was amazing! I felt like I was in Bladerunner only moooore space-age.” (Emphasis added for the necessary Sword of Adam-style expression.)

Marsh shared this laugh-out-loud story about one of Erich’s culinary experiences:

HOST – “This is a herbal soup..” ERICH “I’ll try it..” Erich takes a bite… ERICH – “Oh my God that was the grossest thing I have ever eaten. It exploded in my mouth.” HOST – “Yes, the soup has cow penises in it.”

They found out later that wasn’t all it had in it, but we’ll leave the finer details to your imagination. Let’s just say that dining in a foreign country often is an adventure, and sometimes it’s a reality TV challenge.

Everyone had a great time, and many thanks to our hosts at Perfect World! We’ll close out with some great photos, below.