Hello, I am Mike Fisher and am the UI Artist here at Runic Games. I have been working with this crew since we created Mythos, and can remember when we could count the numbers of our team on one hand. Prior to that I worked with many of our group at Wild tangent on titles such as Fate. This is a great bunch of people and friends at Runic, and it is truly a pleasure to work here.

I have for the most part always lived in the pacific northwest, and love it here. I didn’t get into the art gig until late. At close to 30 I decided I’d had enough of the typical 9 to 5 grind. I attended the Art Institute of Seattle with dreams of becoming a great illustrator. Immediately upon graduating I was hired as an artist for Humongous Entertainment. I’ve been working on PC games since and have never looked back. It’s now been over 16 years – Yes I am an old fart.

What I do here at Runic is design the elements for the User Interface as well as other 2D art assets for the game. Occasionally I will pinch hit on wardrobe textures. I really like the direction we’ve taken the art in Torchlight. I think it is whimsical and classic. I am especially proud of this title, and am thrilled for the MMO. It’s incredible to be surrounded by such talented and committed people, working in an open environment where all input is valued. I feel lucky to work with this creative collection of characters.