Salutations! My name is Jamus Thayn, I’m that other character artist guy here at Runic Games. I’ve been at the studio since April and love being a part of this amazing team. Seeing all the talented and awesome people I work with is really inspirational and has been one of the best experiences I’ve had so far in the gaming industry.

I deal primarily with player armors and npcs though I also made a few of the boss mobs and creatures. Exploring the Torchlight art style has been incredible amounts of fun, it’s a constant balancing act between simplified styles and building complex and interesting looks. As for my time before this I was actually caught in a dimensional portal when I was born so I was raised by the elder gods in the great dreaming city, otherwise known as a small farm in Nebraska. I’ve done a lot of traveling acquiring mystical artifacts of great power and eventually decided to go into a truly dangerous field… Game Art. Originally the school of desert ninjas I attended told me it was a pipe dream but after mastering the disappearing file technique I was promoted to grand admiral and began my work at Mythic games working on Warhammer Online.

I can’t say much more about what its’ like to work in the games industry since I’m currently preparing the foundation for the apocalypse… but what I can say is that there is no where I would rather be at this moment than working on this amazing team and the exciting things they have planned for the future. There is a purity here at this studio and an openness I think the majority of studios have lost, and if you think Torchlight was awesome like I did… wait ‘til you see what we have coming up next.