And they’re off!

Members of Runic Games are en route to China today, spending 10 days in Beijing and Shanghai visiting our partners.

This is Technical Artist Adam Perin’s first trip to China which inspires a lot of glee around the office – Adam is the most notoriously finicky eater we have ever met. Subsisting primarily on mac ‘n’ cheese, fries, and cheap beer, it’s only a matter of time before he dies of scurvy.

Eating in China would be a cuisine adventure for anyone, but for Adam it’s more like truth or dare. We’re daring him to challenge the boundaries of his consumption habits – maybe by a nanometer or so. Here are Adam’s thoughts on the matter:

We want you to add your opinion! Check out the poll on our forums to vote for what you think Adam should eat!

Check back often, we’ll keep you updated with photos from the trip. Bon Voyage, boys!