Torchlight II
Posted on February 21, 2013

We have some good news for our fans in Asia! Localized versions of Torchlight II will be released in the region.

C&C Media will release Torchlight II in Japanese, 4Games will release in simplified Chinese, and IWAN will release in traditional Chinese. If you are interested in getting a localized box edition of Torchlight II, watch their websites for a release date and details!

To celebrate the news, three new Asian themed pets will be available to all players. We'll definitely let you know when to check them out. Thank you for playing!


Torchlight II
Posted on December 14, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone!

This week, Travis Baldree, Marsh Lefler, Brock Jones, and Justin Miller recorded a podcast just for you! This is a look back at the year - challenges along the way to launch, how the game changed and developed, and we answer a few big questions about what's happening next for Torchlight II.

Spike the eggnog and enjoy. We'll see you after the holidays!

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Torchlight II
Posted on November 16, 2012

"I'm thankful for smashing barrels. So therapeutic." - Engineer

"I'm thankful for fire falling from the skies." - Embermage

"I'm thankful for my pack." - Berserker

"I'm thankful for exploding back flips." - Outlander

We're thankful for fans, and we're showing it by putting Torchlight II on sale! Watch for it during Steam's Thanksgiving sale, coming soon.

We're also thankful for two Video Game Award nominations! You can vote for Torchlight II to win Best RPG and Best PC game! Thank you to Spike TV.

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy dungeon clearing!