Is this a . . . what day is it?

Just kidding. We know exactly what day it is. It's the day before the day. It's the last day of the PHE (Pre-Hob Era). It's everyone's last chance to say, "Hob? No, I haven't tried it." We're so close to launch that we missed our chance to use the word "penultimate" anywhere in this post, which is disappointing, because it's such a great word. Fortunately, there is still time for our official launch trailer:

Also, our very own Kristina Ness produced a wonderful comic prelude to the story of Hob. You can read the online version here, or flip through/download the pages below. And if that's not enough, Kristina made a printable ashcan* version with instructions for cutting and folding. Download yours!

Even if it's too late to use a four dollar word, it's not too late to get some of the pre-order discounts and incentives.

Until tomorrow!

<3 Runic