We get this question a lot: "So what's the story of Hob?" If you've asked us, you've probably received an answer ranging from an enigmatic smile to simply being told, "You'll have to play to find out!"

We've always said there is a deep narrative to Hob; in fact, the story came to us first, while the game was still a cocktail napkin sketch. But we always wanted you to experience it for yourself through environmental storytelling. Essentially, the story unfolds for you as you explore and (hopefully) find all the secrets.

We've been diligent about avoiding spoilers and keeping major story beats under wraps. Today though, we are giving you a hint as to what happened in the world of Hob before the Hero awakens. Who came before you? Watch to find out!

We'd love to hear your theories, so leave us a comment on YouTube if you think you know the secret!

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Are you really alone?

Hob releases two weeks from today, and that's when you'll discover the truth. Pre-order now to save 10%: PS4, Steam and GOG