Hey Everyone! PAX Prime 2013 is upon us, right here in our lovely Seattle. We're honored to be involved with two panels this year, and hope you can make it out to either one or both! Here is the scoop:

You can catch Max at the PAXDev panel talking about the business side of game development, Wednesday August 28 at 1:15pm in the Grand III theatre. Full details on the schedule page here: Getting Investment for Game Development.

Wonder is part of a panel on communications between players and developers, Friday August 30 at 8:30pm in Wolfman Theatre. Full details on the schedule page here: Two Way Street: Developers Communicating with Players.

We won't have a booth this year, but we encourage you to stop by our friends who will be showing these great games:

  • Klei Entertainment, who created the animated shorts for Torchlight II, are showing Incognita.
  • Our friends at Unknown Worlds are showing Natural Selection 2: Reinforced, a free DLC expansion.

More questions on PAX Prime? The PAX FAQ is a great place to get started!

We love PAX and look forward to attending as fans this year. Hope to see you there!