In case you missed all the excitement, prepare your Kermit flail: Torchlight II has been launched! Get it now, go, go!

"Torchlight II is an excellent game" 9.25/10 - gameinformer

"Torchlight drives me forward, whether it is to find that forgotten tomb, or slay a pirate demon… [Torchlight II] makes me want to explore, murder, and maim. It's that magical alchemy of an entirely welcoming world and at the same time filled with dangerous twangs of guitars and orchestral sounds. You don't just grind relentlessly through; you stop to savour the experience in the lands of Ember." -

"I knew that this dungeon crawler was going to be a magnificent diamond" 10/10 - Blistered Thumbs

"Runic Games delivers pure, perfectly paced loot-driven euphoria." - IGN

"Torchlight is a vibrant, fun, steampunky world, and exploring it is an absolutely addictive pleasure… Runic has made a phenomenal game here" 4.5/5 - Joystiq

"Torchlight 2 feels like the work of a team drunk on the fun of creation. There are so many little details and fun asides that are easy to miss, but add to the joy of the game." - Penny Arcade

"Torchlight is one of the most fast-and-fun games I’ve seen in a long time." - Wired

"Easily the richest, lowest wattage, and most fun dungeon crawler experience launched in recent memory" 93/100 - Ten Ton Hammer

"It's great, it's gorgeous, it's hugely replayable, it's multiplayer, it's moddable (with Steam Workshop!), and it's dirt cheap." 5/5 - Gamespy

"It's got heart. Moxie. It's the scrappy underdog that everyone wants to love, and it just so happens to be the best Action RPG I've played in years." Co-Optimus

"Torchlight 2 is a stunning game, as engrossing and evening-eating as you could hope, all so wonderfully presented. It's smart, witty, and pretty, and it stands as a shining example of the genre." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Torchlight II is a sprawling, ambitious game that does one thing very, very well. It gives you a world you'll want to explore, filled with enemies you'll love to destroy." - Kotaku

"Torchlight II is better than the original and an outstanding game in its own right. Go out and buy it already." 5/5 - Examiner