At E3 we talked a little bit about some of the fixes we've been implementing following the beta. This week, we go more in depth on bugs we learned about and the changes we've made. Here's a breakdown of our work behind the scenes.

  • Re-worked the character skill pane arrangements to allow finer distribution of skills without being arranged in the classic 'tree' style. Passive skills are separated and unlock for investment much earlier.
  • Skills now get additional bonuses at ranks 5, 10 and 15 to reward increased investments.
  • Lots of individual skill tweaks and balances.
  • Torchlight I (Diablo 2 style) function-key skill binds are implemented
  • Skills can now be 'queued' and will execute when the previous attack or skill completes
  • Ping meter next to each party portrait so you can identify players with latency issues
  • Loads of bug fixes
  • Respec is now available throughout the game, and will allow you to respec any of the last three points spent for gold.
  • Fullscreen Windowed mode added
  • Additional connectivity fixes
  • Enchantment effects are now identifiable separate from standard effects in tooltips
  • Sorting button for player inventories
  • Merchant inventories are sorted by default
  • Map opacity now adjustable
  • Skill sets now swap with weaponsets
  • Tentative functionality for 'sniffing' cheaters so that you can block them.
  • Continued work on the finalizing the other acts
  • Improved some lackluster unique items identified by beta testers.
  • Increased the amount of health and mana 'stealing' weapons.
  • Improved the rollover information on equipment to provide more and clearer information.

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