The Torchlight II beta has been a great experience. We received tremendously helpful feedback, squashed bugs, and deployed patches successfully. The reaction from everyone has been really gratifying. We're on the right path! Now it's time to incorporate the bulk of that feedback as we get back to finishing the game as a whole.

The Torchlight II Beta will be officially closing for everyone on Thursday, May 24th at 4pm PDT. That gives all you Beta Weekend participants two extra days to play! We will be sending out some additional invites to people with Runic Accounts - sign up now if you have not already!

Thank you to all our fans who provided insight, bug-hunting, and most of all, enthusiasm. We're fired up to finish the game and can't wait to share the whole experience with you. So, until Thursday, happy dynamite fishing!

PS: This will be our "Thursday" update for the week. Next week we'll bring you news from far-off lands.