Happy Friday! A week ago today, we were at PAX East, as many of you were! We were showing Torchlight II in the NVIDIA PC freeplay area, and we had a couple very fun reveals. The first one was the addition of the much-requested "Falcor" pet.

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The Papillon

Most of our community know Falcor as the little black and white dog that posted his "day in the life" back during development of Torchlight, and has popped up in nearly every dev diary video. Falcor technically owns Wonder, but he has been an office dog since the Mythos days and was raised by everyone at Runic Games. Falcor makes his digital debut as the model for the papillon pet in Torchlight II. Take a look at how animator Matt Lefferts captured his personality!

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Torchlight XBLA wins Game of the Year!

During PAX East we also found out that Torchlight for XBLA won Game of the Year from Official Xbox Magazine! Amazing!

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PAX East Impressions

Wonder took some iPhone footage of behind the scenes, including player impressions. Take a look!

Torchlight II got a lot of attention at PAX East! In case you missed all the buzz, here are some of our favorite tweets that came out of the show!

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Coming next week, PAX East Wrap Up - Part Two!