News is still trickling in from our showing of Torchlight II at E3 this year, where we were nominated for six Best of E3 awards, including Best RPG, Best PC Game, and Best of Show. If you missed the headlines, here are some of the highlights:

"Here's the short version: Torchlight II is better in every way."

"There's no doubt that Torchlight 2 will be a bigger, deeper game than its predecessor."

E3 Hands On Lives up to Expectations: Torchlight II is on its way to be just about everything its many fans want. "…Torchlight II looks and plays like the game that I was hoping for as a huge fan of Torchlight/Diablo/Titan's Quest/Dark Alliance/every other title in the subgenre."

Ten Ton Hammer Hands on from E3: "The original Torchlight is among the all-time greats of the genre, … regardless of what type of gamer you are at heart, Torchlight II is one title you'll want to keep an eye on… something tells me that it's going to be huge."

"I couldn't be excited for more Torchlight to head my way."

"It's just plain awesome."

"… we'll get right to it: It's great. All of the things you loved about the first Torchlight are back, polished and updated, along with one of the most long awaited features of the game, co-op multiplayer."

"Not only is action RPG Torchlight II bigger and better than its predecessor, but you can play it with friends."

"Torchlight II is an impressive-looking upcoming title … Runic should have another winner on their hands."

PC Gamer interview at E3 with Max: Torchlight, piracy, and DRM

"This is the biggest addition to the game: the ability to play with your friends through the game's campaign."

"The game is addictive, beautiful, and fun and it took only 20 minutes to get addicted"

Torchlight II will be showing behind closed doors at gamescom in Cologne, Germany (Aug 17-19) and playable for all at PAX Prime in Seattle (Aug 26-28) 2011.