One year ago on the fateful day of October 27, 2009, a day that will live as a legend in our mind, a barely heard-of studio launched its first title: Torchlight.

Word of Ember blazed to life! Dungeon-crawler fans rejoiced, and our moms were proud. Because of you, Torchlight found a home and became a success. Because you love playing Torchlight and encouraged your friends to check it out, we are able to be here a year later, making Torchlight II. Our simple principle of making the type of game we want to play and doing so as efficiently as possible resonated with you. We’ve loved seeing your screenshots and hearing about your fire-ball casting pet cats. We were just as excited as you, when you unlocked the Horse level and found the Sword of Adam. We have a great team that cares about the work we do, we have great distribution partners, and most importantly we have an awesome community. Thank you for supporting us! We can’t wait to share everything that’s next with you all.

We are celebrating Torchlight’s one year PC anniversary with a 50% sale, for 48 hours on our site. Beginning October 27th at 8am PST, you can get Torchlight for PC at for $10. Sale ends October 29th at 8am PST. This ensures everyone in their respective time-zones gets a chance to take advantage of the party! Tell your friends! And as always, thank you for playing.