Rats. Wonder finally got around to hounding me for one of these ‘Meet the Team’ bios.

I’m Brock Jones and I’m a producer/gap-filler here at Runic. My history is pretty similar to several of the other folks here at Runic. After graduating college with a degree in philosophy I decided to pursue the logical career choice and get into games. I’ve been working on games for 10 years now and Runic is hands-down the most fun I’ve had. I cut my teeth in ‘the biz’ as an engineer coding casual games that you’ve almost certainly never heard of. If you have heard of them, I would probably be too embarrassed to admit to your face that I made them. As a producer at Runic I still do some coding from time-to-time, but most of my time is spent being an IT guy and jack-of-all-trades; doing a lot of the little things that just have to get done for everybody else to be able to work. I set up and maintain our network, source control, bug tracking, email, and automated build systems. I’ve recorded and edited minor sounds and voice-over, generated a lot of in-game traps, and scripted installers. I have created advanced carpet tile simulators, hunted for furniture, and am currently considering building a totally wicked conference table for our new office.

In my spare time, I roast my own coffee, brew my own beer, lift weights in my garage, walk my dog in the park, play D&D (well – Pathfinder lately) with my crew, go backpacking, lay flooring, stream Netflix movies, and find quirky games to play on XBLA. To quote Robert Heinlein: “Specialization is for insects.”