“Runic Games is doing the Lord’s work, in an robust and unambiguous fashion.” -penny-arcade.com

“Brilliance” 4.5/5 -rpgamer.com

“It’s addictive and superbly well-made…” -escapistmagazine.com

“If you skip this just because it’s a single player game, you will effectively be kicking yourself in the balls with Berserker’s Boots Of Strength (+10 Resistance To Experience Outside Of Comfort Zone).” 10/10 -somethingawful.com

We are giddy with delight this morning – comic geek chic is one of the highest accolades we could hope to achieve! Very special thanks to Penny Arcade, My Extra Life, and Crispy Gamer – you’ve lifted our spirits!

Penny Arcade

Experience Points

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