Here we are, one week away from the big day, and here is some big news for everyone!

On October 27th, Torchlight will be available for digital download from, and we are also excited to bring you special pre-sales from our partner sites:

“We are pleased that our partners Perfect World, Steam and GamersGate are all able to offer pre-orders of Torchlight so that you can be assured of getting Torchlight as soon as humanly possible,” said CEO Max Schaefer as we asked him about the announcement while he was seated on his solid, hand-crafted Ember throne.

If that weren’t exciting enough, Steam is offering a 10% discount on pre-orders, and Perfect World is offering a chance to win a limited edition poster signed by Max & Erich Schaefer with every pre-order. Tantalizing options abound – pre-order Torchlight now!