Oh heeeeeeeeey,

I’m Adam Perin and I’m the tech artist here at Runic. At this point, I have been working in the industry for around 6 years and am enjoying my job more than ever! I love working for Runic! It’s great to work with such a talented team and with people that I genuinely enjoy spending my time with. I was also tech artist for Mythos. Before working on Mythos I, like a few others here, worked on a lot of casual games. Most of them where pretty forgettable but it gave me the chance to try out a lot of different roles in the 3D field and helped to lead me toward specializing in the technical area. That job along with the experiences here, have also helped me to become a relatively strong 3d problem solver and all around 3d generalist. Although as a tech artist I end up prepping and integrating a lot of the 3d art into the game, I also get a chance to create a lot of art such as props and tileset pieces, which I’m really enjoying. Since we are a small team we all get the opportunity to expand our skill set.

Lately as we draw to the end of making the single player version of Torchlight, I have been busy trying to get all of the last 3d art adjustments into the game and adding any last minute props and environment items we might need. I also help fix any issues we missed earlier on, such as collision and material problems. I am super excited to get the game out the door and see what people think (and create!) and also I can’t wait to get started on the MMO!