Here is Part 3, the last video in this preview series for scripting in level design. In this video, I keep it short and sweet, and show you one of my favorite features for monsters and how to set it up. Monster jump downs! This is used in many different ways and allows the ability for monsters to jump down from different heights in the levels and swarm the player. Some of the basics covered in previous videos are demonstrated again, such as monster spawners, and setting up a trigger, but now with the addition of JumpDownAreas.

I hope everybody has enjoyed this short series, and are excited about some of the features so that you can start thinking about what crazy scenarios you want to create in your levels. I know people are going to love how easy to use, and powerful our editor tools are, and these videos were meant to show you just that.

We will be providing more basic documentation with the tools when we release them, but in the mean time, keep asking away in our “Torchlight Mod Discussion” section of the forum, and we will do our best to answer all questions.