This post was meant to go live on Friday, but due to some technical issues, you get it on Saturday! Hope you enjoy your weekend and this week’s treat!

Happy Friday, the last Friday of September! That’s right folks – one week from today, we’ll be officially into LAUNCH MONTH. It’s practically here! The excitement is palpable! Of course, you already got the Friday treat on Wednesday in the form of the bad-ass Alchemist trailer, so, we wouldn’t have anything else up my sleeve, would we?

Alright, alright you got us! We are doubling up on our week’s worth of love for you, and very happy to launch Episode 3 of the Preditor tutorial by Patrick Blank. A big Thank You to Patrick for setting that up! That concludes our 3-part tutorial on how to work the Preditor – you’re on your way to making new and incredible mods that we can’t wait to see. Have a look now, and then chat about it in the forums. Have an excellent weekend everyone! See you in October.