Hi everyone. I’m Sirio Brozzi and am on the art team as a concept artist. I work alongside Kyle. For some background, I’m an Italian born citizen who spent most of my life traveling thanks to my parents’ vocations. I came up to the US to study a game related degree at Digipen in Redmond and graduated in early 2008. I spent most of my free time in college painting and being involved in online communities like Conceptart.org and CGhub which really helped me mature my skills by getting lots of feedback from people who were in the industry at the time. I think all that extra work made a big difference at the end for landing me my first game job.

I joined Runic Games in early 2009 and worked hard to get in sync with the house style. I’ve had the chance to concept and illustrate NPC’s, props, bosses, environments, promo art, and other things. What struck me was the flexibility of the art director and being encouraged to just cut loose and explore new directions and the variety of the work we’ve been assigned. It’s been fun, fast paced and frantic to work on this project and I’m still learning with every passing day. I’ve had a great experience so far, and I look forward to finishing up Torchlight and working on the next project. This team has been really great and I’m quite glad I ended up joining Runic.

Now back to work! There’s lots of painting to be done. :)