t’s the Friday treat! Friday is an especially treat-y day for us as the first day of PAX 09. We’ll probably be on site right now as you read this! For those of you who can’t stop by, we’ve saved some fun updates.

First of all, check out Meet the Team section! If you haven’t read John Dunbar’s yet, head over there and try to find out exactly what he does at Runic Games. ;) We also have a new dev bio up today for artist Kyle Cornelius. Second, we have an expanded version of the NPC article that ran on IGN – call it the Director’s cut. Meet some of the characters you will encounter when you play Torchlight! Third, Patrick Blank presents Episode 2 of the Preditor tutorial! This is the 2nd of four episodes designed to guide you through the powerful mod tools Torchlight will ship with. Fourth, Check out the About the Game section for new art on the three classes, and an introduction to the characters you will be able to play in Torchlight! And saving the best for last – the official launch date is announced this morning. Mark your calendars.

We really hope you enjoy these goodies and especially hope you will be able to swing by our booth at PAX to say hi and play the game for yourself. We will be tweeting from PAX all three days, so be sure to follow us for live updates and pics! twitter.com/runicgames

Have a PAX-tastic weekend everyone!