Hello future Torchlight fans, my name is Jason Lamb and I do quality assurance here at Runic Games. I’ve been with Runic since early June, though as I’ve worked for Flagship since before it’s eventual demise I do not feel like I’ve ever left.

Originally from San Diego, CA, I’ve tested software ranging from state correlated educational programs to bitstreams on your satellite set-top box, and have even dabbled in a few MMOs. Working for game companies is by far the most fun, but in my experience working at Runic is by far the most fun COMPANY to work for period.

There are a lot of horror stories conjured up by game testers (*see Grandma’s Boy) about just how low they are on the totem pole. But I can tell you that here, everyone is equal, and all input on the product is valid. We’ve done a very good job of breaking down the barriers between the different departments of our little team, and I truly believe that anything we put out will have something for everyone because of this.

Does this mean our games will lose focus? Too many paws in the cookie jar? No. It just means that the decision makers take all of the wonderful ideas, narrow them down, then implement them in the best way they can.

I look forward to being here for a good long while, and hope that I can help to give you the best dungeon crawler around.